RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Thomas Young

9520012This guy rocks as an E-Fab Prof. Take him. He's a nice guy, very approachable, easy going and knowledgable !
5320012Had him in 20002 for Concepts. That class will go down in history as the worst college course I have ever taken. Not only would he barely answer student's questions (yet encouraged them), but after giving a test that the ENTIRE class but 2 people failed (and they got Ds), he blew up at us, making us do homework sets of problems every day for a whole week of calc-1 level work.

He has since taken a quarter off, and from the other evaluations, he seems to have turned himself around. I'd be willing to give him another chance, but a year ago, he was a horrible professor. (Received a B in his class)
8120012Ah, not too bad of a Professor. I had him for Electrical Principles for Design 1. He does try to get the class involved, encourages questions, but does not seem genuine. Seeking help, he was usually there, but acted as if he were too busy, and didn't want anyone there asking him questions. In class, he is a nice guy and presents the material very well, and very clearly. Overall, a good professor.
8820011This guy has a whole ton of knowledge in his head, the trick is to figure out how to draw it out. He is always available to answer questions, and never has trouble admitting he was wrong. He's a little hard to decipher, but you'll get the hang of it.
9520003I had this man for lab, He is always willing to help. He doesn't walk around and watch you. Grades harsh. Easy to talk to. sounds like Regis
7520002I don't particularly like this professor, but if you take the time and ask questions about material covered in class and the homework, he answers them fairly well. Watch out for his TONS of homework however.
5320002This professor's teaching methods are ineffective. He compensates by piling on homework, although it doesn't help when we don't have the background to complete it. He ridicules students with sarcastic remarks when they ask questions in class, and he often doesn't answer his door when he's in his office.