RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Vincent Golphin

6520023Golphin isn't a GREAT teacher for Writing and Lit 1 and 2. Although his class is usually somewhat entertaining, he doesn't teach often at all. He usually tells storys and gets way sidetracked. His grading is really harsh. His grades are different from other teachers, he doesn't grade on the 65 scale. His failing grade is 69, which means its harder to get higher grades, since his scale is different. This quarter, he never even gave out a syllabus.
7520023This professor is one of the harshest graders i have encountered. allthough an entertaining class(senior sem) the ammount of work was extraordinary and we were never quite told the expectations for the papers and everyone did poorly.
8120023Took this teacher's class for summer program NSA: Lectures were interesting however, they were sidetracked. He said he was a hoe because we paid him to be there. Often talked about his other job with the FBI, CIA and news cast. Likes boys, but isn't into boys. Extremely sarcastic and hilarious. Grades Harshly but tolerable.