RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Voyko Kavcic

9920023Kavcic is the man! sure his lectures are a little dry and sometimes hes hard to follow but you can't expect to much from a psych teacher. He offers lots of extra credit (enought to bring you from a C to an A). If you don't take it. Thats your problem. I went numerous times to his office @ U of R for extra credit testing and brought my grade up. He even had a cute lab assistant, hrmm..i wish i could remember her name. Anyway hes not a bad guy at all once you get to know him. Make him show you his little red book from the communist days.
6120012I had Kavcic for Intro to Psych, and I didn't enjoy it at all. His grading makes no sense, I think mainly because English is not his first language so the wording on tests is screwed up. He does offer a lot of opportunities for extra credit, though.
6520012Overall he is somewhat lacking in his teaching. His tests are vague and can be difficult to understand.
7120012His tests were very difficult even after I read through the chapters more than once and took notes on what he went over in class.
8520012This teacher is not that bad. He can be difficult to understand because of his heavy accent, but he's very intelligent. He really wants his students to succeed and if you get to know him he will help you out. His tests are hard but gives opportunities for extra credit. No homework and no papers - Just 2 50 multiple choice tests and a final.
7820012I agree he his very difficult to understand most of the time, but the work load is so small that it really doesn't matter as long as you read the text. He knows his material well and he tries his best to teach.
Some words of advice: Do the extra credit! You hardly have to do anything and it can give you a ton of points.
5320011This guy had no clue how to teach. He doesn't know english and he doesn't know psychology. The only reason people did good in his class was because of the extra credit!
5320011He was way off base. Very difficult to understand. HE didn't even show up on time for more than half of classes. Grading system was pretty confusing as well. Do not take him if possible.

Repeat: DO NOT TAKE HIM IF POSSIBLE.... You'll be better off, believe me.. one quarter of Experimental psych nearly made me leave the program.
8520011Do not take this professor. He does not speak very good English and has a hard time conveying ideas to the class. He has no office hours and it is hard to talk to him after class. His test grading is inconsistent.