RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for William Basener

9920012Dr. Basener is a very decent teacher who also has a heart. He is fair and understanding. He gains the students' trust which I think lets them learn better.
8820012He knows the material and teaches it relatively effectively. I like how tests and homework were handled; moderately difficult, but still easy enough so that you WILL get the grade you deserve. Very lenient on partial credit as well. His weekly quizzes are a GREAT idea; basically one problem that can be solved in a few minutes. They're used as a reason to make sure you're there on Friday, as well as a review. He seems somewhat clumsy, and makes MANY mistakes on the board (which is what gives him the B+ instead of the A), but, hey, it keeps you awake :)

I'm making sure I get this professor next quarter.
9920023I had Dr. Basener for Calc 1, 2, and 3. He is a great guy who genuinely loves math and teaching. He gives weekly quizes, and moderately difficult tests, but if you do the homework and go to classes, you will do well.
8820012Great teacher, he knows how to teach people...he got the skillz, his tests really give you a good sense of challenge. You will enjoy it...i had him for calc 1 and 2...A and B...decided ill try a new teacher this time
9520012I had Basener for both calc I and II, and wow, for his first year teaching this guy is awesome. I can easily follow what he is saying during lecture, even when he goes on a tangent or proof. He is a VERY nice guy, too, and is very understanding of his students. I wouldn't say he's an easy teacher, but he does know just the right amount of work to assign without overkilling students. Highly reccomend him.
8820012Very nice guy, teaches well, easy to understand what he is talking about. Tests are kinda hard, alot of homework but hey, its calculus, grades fair. Definitely try to take him.
9920012Dr. Basener is an excellent professor who cares about his students and makes learning Calculus interesting/exciting. Exams are not easy, but other opportunities exist to improve grade. Highly recommended - I had him for Calc II and III.
99200123 words:

Better than Kumar
9920012The best math teacher I've ever had. Quizes every Friday but are very easy. 3 Test + Final are hard but is not impossible to get an A like other teachers. Nicest man you will ever meet also.
9120012Good Prof. I had him for calc I, and it was an easy class. His homework policy is good, his tests are easy, and he actually teaches the material. Great on answering questions too.