RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for William Daniels

4820023Where do I begin? William Daniels is hands down the worst professor I have had at RIT and I have had some real 'winners' in my two years here. I will say that Daniels is a nice person and fairly knowledgeable, but it does not make up for the fact that his teaching skills are absolutly abysmal. He assigns WAY to much reading for each class and expects you to no only understand and remember every little detail, but then to be able to apply them without him going over the readings in class. Speaking of his classes, they are most definetly a waste of time. Daniels gets sidetracked very, VERY easily and once got so off topic he started telling us how we could get roundtrip airfare and 3 nights at a hotel in Las Vegas for $500. After consulting expedia and travelocity, I have determined that this, much like the information he was trying to provide while he was actually on topic, was wrong. His tests are all essay based and to get a good grade you must essentially memorize and be able to reproduce even the most finite of details from the readings. Daniels is an extremely picky grader as well which does not help matters. I recommend you stay clear of him at all costs, even if it means putting off having to take judicial process for your minor/concentration--> he is just that bad.
8520023Very entertaining lectures because of his odd sense of humor. Unfortunately, he tends to get sidetracked and lose focus during lectures so read the text book carefully.
7520023The secret to passing this class is to memorize the entire book, literally. His tests are so specific and are entirely multiple choice... I can't deny that I didn't learn something about american politics, but his lectures are so off track that showing up to class is pretty worthless. Daniels follows an agenda for each class, and he rarely does even half of what's planned by the time class is finished. I wasn't impressed. Nice guy though.
9920012Daniels is yet another reason why I am switching from IT to Pol Sci. His classes are great!
5320012Where do I start? Probably the poorest teacher I've had so far at RIT. He can be a bit picky on his tests, and doesn't comment on them at all unless you go up and explicity talk with him about it. Also, he relies way too much on the text books for the class. I learned practically nothing from lecture, aside from the pain of losing precious hours of sleep by actually wasting my time and showing up to his class. In his lecture he throws random words up on the board, and jabbers on...usually while everyone has blank looks on their faces. You must read and understand the textbooks to do well in his class (I had him for Judicial Process). If you enjoy lots of reading, and teaching yourself without learning through lecture, go ahead and take him. If your a normal person, i'd stear clear of this terrible excuse for a teacher.
9520012interesting lectures.
8120012I may be giving this grade cause I am somewhat bittersweet from American Politics. But this was an amazing class for me. I really have no interst in politics, but I took the class just to complete my LA Core. The reading assignments he gives out are really no joke. The classes will make no sense if you don't either read or understand politics. In my case I found this out the hard way. He was very helpful in dragging me through the class though. The final was based off of questions that he gaves prior to it. I guess I came to the realization that this was a good class after I started working on my final. Great professor just do the damn reading!
9520011Almost singlehandedly responsible for my decision to switch from history to political science for my minor.

Extremely engaging style of lecture, even in a class where most students don't care or don't want to care. Great job, highly recommended.
9120011Good Prof, very learned and cares about students. However, if the class doesn't read, he'll move on, so reading and starting discussion is key.
8120011A really friendly guy, and a genuine nice person. He really cares that his students learn. Maybe I just don’t like politics but for me, his classes were not too stimulating. Having said that, he knows politics well. His courses tend to be "learn the stuff at home by reading the book and we will re-enforce it in class with discussion", instead of "learn the stuff in class and re-enforce it with homework". Still, tests were all essay style answers and were pretty reasonable. The final was a bit tougher than the others though. I would take him again if I needed to without a doubt, but he wouldn't be a professor that I would go out of my way to get for a class.
9920011Daniels is one cool cat!
9920002Brilliant, I love his class.
9920002He is an extremely intellegent man. He knows his information, he's very approachable outside of class, he has a good sense of humor and his tests are fair. If he doesn't know the answer to a question, he'll research it and give you the answer. Overall his class is very fun, and I learned a lot from him.