RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Wade Robison

6520023Incredibly unstructured and unorganized. I felt like I was at some kind of weird seminar with a guest speaker or something instead of at class. Tests were very difficult and basically the content covered in the class was useless.
7820011Wade did a good job making the class interesting, however he needs to do a better job outlining the main points he wants you to get from the lecture.
9520004I had him for my Ethics class. He is a good teacher and a fair grader. Tests every two weeks and a final case study paper. Attend the lectures and you should be fine in the class.
8520003Wade is the man... Excellent professor, very interesting to listen to. Only reason he's getting a B is because the tests were too hard.
8820003I had him last year (19991), and I actually enjoyed his ethics class. While it was a tricky class to learn from, by exerting yourself and thinking, you could do well. He kept the calss interested by going off on different tangents, but beware, as the tangents would frequently not be related to the test material. If you can work with about 3 threads at a time, go for it. Otherwise, you WILL work to get a good grade.
9520002Very interesting guy, even brought his dog to class a few times. I think he's one of those professors who will make you think and who will challenge you to see things differently. A very nice guy overall, and someone who actually knows how to teach.
7520002VERY GOOD
9920002This guy is not only a good teacher but he is very in touch with his students. He's very open to ideas and keeps his classes awake. I'd definitely take him again if I could
8520002Good speaker, but goes on tangents a lot. By the end of the quarter you will know his whole life story. But he does convey what you need to know, and does it in a way that is interesting.
9120002I had him for Ethics in the Information Age (19991). While the class tended to be a little on the boring side, the material was normally pretty interesting. Fair grader of tests. If I had to take more philosophy classes I would look into taking them with him.
7520002He goes on too many tangents.
8520001Good professor, sprinkles lots of humor into his lectures to try and make things interesting.
9120001Very interesting professor. I learned a lot from the course, but the assigned reading material seemed to have little to do with the tests. This guy does make you think though. Good class overall. And for the record, the color of his book is *very* relevant!!
4820001First off, the class, Ethics in the Information Age is a joke. We are supposedly taught how to make ethical and moral decisions, howevever, I do not see how having an hour long discussion over whether Wade's little book is red or green is relavent to, well, anything! He stands in the front of the class and talks about essentially nothing for the majority of the period, and occasionally gets on topic enough to talk about something that will appear on the exam. For a few minutes only, however. Don't take him for anything!
9520001Thought-provoking and engaging if you focus on the class. First test is hard, then they get much easier. He will gladly discuss anything during office hours and will explain your mistakes or admit to his own. Info age is a bit of a stretch, as the course really ought to be renamed Professional Ethics or something to that effect. Would be better if it focused more on info age topics. If you want an easy A, skip him. If you want to think, take his courses.
8120001The class can be very interesting if you choose to participate. Don't be mislead by Ethics in the Info. age. It doesn't have much to do with the course. First test is very hard but once you get use to the questions they become very simple. Second hour of class tends to become repetitive and dull. Loopy, fun, guy. Great sense of humor.
8520001Great teacher, incredibly knowledgeable. Only flaws in making students buy books that are in no may essential to the class. I plan on taking Wade again, w00t!