RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for William McVea

8820023really friendly guy. content for the class i took with him (data comm) was pretty boring, but he did his best with it.
4820012Completly rude and unhelpful
9920012A great professor to have. His tests are generally well written, he is a fair grader willing to admit his own mistakes if the need arises, yet isn't so easy as to be a waste of time. Class is fun yet valuable; Prof. McVea knows alot about the topics he teaches (too bad we can't say this about all profs.) and is quick to find correct answers to questions that he does not know himself. A very good teacher, I encourage you to have class with him.
8820012Can come off as crappy sometimes, but, like Kennedy, if he sees you've tried a few different things, he's more than willing to sit and work through the problem with you until complete. Provided this condition in lab, an extremely good professor.
9920012His lectures are stimulating and interesting. He is very knowledgeable and easy to get along with.
7120012He does an alright job, moves a bit fast at times. His notes suck though, be careful.
9520012I've had Mark for both Computer Concepts and now Data Comm (340 and 341). I find mark to be a challenging professor in his work load and outside class room activities, but he is a fairly good grader. If you take McVea learn how to read the book without being told to do so... He lectures very fast and expects students to know the material after its been covered. He does, however, always make himself available for questions and is an EXTREMELY knoweldgeable guy. He does not put his powerpoint slides up on the net, however, but I understand thats a department policy. Basically, take McVea if you want a challenge and like to read. His tests are fair and quite thourough, although frequently misgraded.
7520011eh. he's ok.
9520011Good proffesor, he keeps the lecture interesting test are ok, and helps students if u have problems understanding work, definately recomeneded.
8820011I've had this guy for Programming for Tech I (Java) and Computer Concepts, and he's a great prof. He knows the curriculum very well, just take anything he says with a grain of salt. Sometimes his tangents are dated or over simplify things. You will learn the stuff with McVea.
4820011Awful... Funny but sarcastic. Displays are helpful, but does not let you read them.... OUtside help is "OK"... Take him, if you have no other professor to take.
9520011I had professor McVea for 341. He really knows his stuff and is good at explaining the material. Only criticism, he's a little heavy on the workload (homework especially). But I wouldn't hesitate to take his class again.
9920004This man was one of the best professors I had. And hope to have him again. He always kept the intrest of the class and if he noticed that the class was out of it he would tell a story to get people moving again. He would get the class involved in discussions and wouldn't just read off the slides. Easy going and tries to help the student out as best as he can.
9520004Great professor! He really knows the material and manages to make even dry topics interesting. Very approachable if you have questions.