RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for William Stackpole

9920023Best Teacher RIT has, take him for as many classes as you can.... His test prove challenging sometimes. But you will never leave another class knowing more, than when you leave his.
9520023Had him for 341, knows his stuff, very entertaining, likes to jump around the classroom. Take him for 341, I highly recommend him
8820023Great Professor, Knows what he is talking about or finds out the answer for you. Moves quickly through class and concentrates almost all on Linux, expects everyone to have a great deal of experience using Linux.
9920023By far the best prof. I've had at RIT. He's hard but you will learn a lot.
9120023He is a decent teacher. He knows his material pretty well. He is usually 2 to 3 minutes late to class. He is a fair grader. My only major complaint is he always goes off on tangets and has trouble staying on topic. However, you do learn alot from his classes. I would recommend taking him.
9920023I’ve had Bill for OS Scripting and he was very energetic throughout the class and lab. He encourages students to ask questions and does his best to answer them. Very knowledgeable in system admin and networking, and if he doesn’t know the answer he admits it, but researches for the answer out of class and gets back with an answer. He strives for every student to understand the material, learn it well, and pass his class. Based on passed experiences with other professors in IT, most of them need to take lessons, on their teaching skills, from Bill.
9520023Had him for OS Scripting. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and helpful. Uses good examples to relate the information to something understandable. What he doesn't know, he finds out for you the next class.
Goes a little too fast, but will slow down if You Ask Him.
Will specifically choose to take classes he teaches.
9920023He's a great professor in this technical college. His personality is very friendly and caring. I still do have him for next quarter! Kudos for him!
4820023Stackpole, is not well informed and never seams to be able to answer any questions with out reaching for a book!
9520023Great teacher. Will answer any of your questions. Stays after class to discuss topics. He is a great teacher. I fully recommend him for any class. Minor complaint is that he goes thru his notes (slideshow) a little fast. But wonderful otherwise
9120023Bill knows his stuff and if he doesn't know something, he will research it for you. He explains things well. Unfortunately he talks very fast and is often late to class, other than that a great prof.
8520023WOW! I think someone needs to calm down.
9520023He is a good professor. Had him for 341. Fair grader. However towards the end he started to get some attitude as most of his exams had double answers. He is always hyper.
8520023He knows his stuff, but he goes really fast. If you know the material ahead of time then you will be fine. Really helpful during office hours
9920023This guy knows his shiznit...I have him currently for System Admin 1, and I'd gladly take him for any class he'd teach - even Underwater Basket Weaving. Very easy to understand - easy to approach. Can some times talk a little fast, but will explain any thing that you don't understand. Great all around teacher. A true asset to the IT faculty.
9120023Funny guy, really helpful.
9520023All around nice guy. Speaks in clear, simple language and is pretty understanding about most situations. Has a tendancy to go off on tangents and stories, but it's a good thing because you usually learn something and it helps you to stay awake.
9920012Specifically chose Bill for OS Scripting lecture and Lab based on previous experiences in VB and Internetworking. Best teacher I have had so far,goes above and beyond to help you understand anything. Stays late after class to answer every question you could possibly think of. TEACHERS PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: DOES NOT TALK DOWN TO HIS STUDENTS. TREATS THEM LIKE HIS EQUALS. I will continue to take classes with Bill. Highly Recommended learning experience.
9920012I had Bill for a 516 lab. I never fill out these eval things. TAKE THIS GUY.
9920012Prof Bill is awesome. I had him for OS Scripting, and I doubt I will ever see anyone as excited about Scripting for Linux as he was. He is personable, and will always help you regardless of what he should be doing. All he wants is for you to understand the material, take him if you have the chance.
9120012Bill is a very enthusiastic guy. He makes lab fun and grades very fairly.
9520012A good professor, knows his stuff (OS scripting) and has fun teaching while getting the information accross.
9920012Take him, you won't regret it.
5320012Guy sucks. Who's entering the comments? Guy has no idea what he's doing.
4820012Complete lack of intelligence is obvious through out his teachings. I mean how do you not know arrays well enough to teach them, and im just talkinf 1d arrays not even complex 2-da crap. god awful.
9120012Overall an excellent professor. At times was a little late to class and once arived slightly unprepaired. Other then that, his lectures are actaully entertaining, and he really knows his stuff. He is always willing to help you learn. More preparation before lectures would easily boost his grade above an A+.
9920012He always takes his time for the students#he was late for another class because he tried to teach me in a different way. I STRONGLY recommend you to take him! You wont regret it!
9920012Bill rules... one of RIT's finest
9920012Self admitted computer geek, which is extremely cool. His metaphors are very wacky and improvised and he teaches until he starts sweating. I have learned a lot from his lecture and lab. Answers individual questions on the first try, so class keeps moving along. Take this professor if you can.
9920012Bill Stackpole is one of the greatest professor's at RIT both as a teacher and as a person. He doesn't want to see anyone fail and will help a person as much as he possibly can until they grasp the topic presented. He has a lot of energy, which is a good thing when the class was at 6 PM and everyone was drained from earlier in the day. I would take him again for any courses in Sys Admin concentration if he would teach more of them.
9920011had him for lab. he's awesome.
9520011Bill will go out of his way to help anyone. Must find out what kind of coffee he drinks ..
9520011Bill's a nice guy. Knows his stuff. Good in lab, albeit runs at 800mph
9920011This man is unbelievable. He knows more about computers now than I will after my entire life time. He is the most helpful person I have yet to meet at RIT. TAKE HIM NOW!
9920011All around good guy, he really knows his stuff. Will help you even if he is 20 minutes late for a meeting.