RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for William Scarbrough

9920023makes class fu to be in and teaches you a lot, even teaches physics in a way the physics department will never be able to do,
9920023Awesome professor, makes classes like dynamics understandable.
9920023I would highly recommend this professor to anyone. I had him for statics and dynamics and I assure you that his class is one that you will be willing to go to. He tries to apply what he is teaching to real world applications so that you know what you are learning is useful for something. Be prepared before coming to class because he gives surprise quizzes and its hard to predict when or on what the quiz will be.
9920023Love this guy, I would gladly take him for all of my remaining mechanical engineering courses. Had him for thermo and dynamics, received good grades in both classes. The key is to work and prove to him that you work, so do your homework and hand it in on time. You will learn countless things from him both that are in the syllabus and things that aren't (like calc, diffEQ, physics, and some career related items). If you can get into his class do it, your quarter and career will go better.
9520023good, funny teacher. he has a relaxed learning environment; tells good stories
9920023Very good teacher. The "fun factor" in his classes is one of the highest I've seen here at RIT. Plus you learn a lot with realizing it.
9920012Amazing!! Really knows his stuff and cares about the students. Exams are tough, but so is the material. You will really learn a lot from this guy.
9920012Like everyone else, I think hes a great guy and good teacher. His lectures are intriguing and interesting and the work was on the right level. he knows his stuff and is very competent which at first made him somewhat intimidating. get to know him and have fun. very relaxed.
9920012Scarbrough is an original teacher. Unlike most teachers in the school he doesn't come to class with a pile of notes and ready to kill us with notes. Instead he explains the main points in the chapters, which for mechanics isn't much, and goes right into example problems. He doesn't pick easy problems either, he'll go right for ones that we would have problems with and shows us some tricks and problems that we would run into. It is a great learning experience. Expect his tests to be hard though, but you will be prepared.
9920012I have taken Prof. Scarbrough for Eng. Design Graphics; Statics; Mechanics of Mat'ls.; and currently for Dynamics...some of those being 8 am classes but that doesn't matter in his class because he keeps the learning environment relaxed, intriguing, and fun. Wondeful Professor who will make the time in his busy schedule to help you. Whether it be a question about scheduling, or class material; you can always count on him to give you the right advice to keep you going in the right direction. He gets to know each of his students very well so that he can help you personally with whatever problem he knows your having with the material. He doesn't use class notes but it makes the learning environment so much better...much more relaxed than most professors...more open to questions than most...he takes the time to make sure you truly understand the material and know it like the back of your hand. Tests are a bit difficult but he is a very fair grader and gives you the grade you deserve...he's open to seeing where you went wrong and why. All together, awesome professor...great friend...very bright man who knows his stuff and all together great guy. I will take him for a class every chance I get.
9520003Great guy and Awesome teacher. Has an interesting sense of humor but someone you have to get to know. :)
9920003I have to agree with the others, he's a great teacher. I'm glad that he's here more often lately. I took Dynamics with him a few years ago. I not only understood the material, I got an A. I'm a 4th year student and I've only received 2 As (in more than 1 credit classes) in MechE ever. I really loved the subject and I too consider Scarbrough a friend.
9920003Awesome professor. Has a great sense of humor and is a great teacher. By far one of the best I've had at RIT.
9920003easy to talk to and i consider him a friend along with probably EVERYONE else that has had him. He's the best teacher i've had. doesn't try to screw u in grading like others do. im taking him whenever hes teaching a class i need thats for sure
9920002great teacher, fair grader, understanding. best professor I've had yet
9920002A very cool teacher. One of the only teachers i consider a friend. Explains the subject very clearly.
9920002i would take bill scarbrough for anything that he teaches. excellent statics teacher (better than the others i have heard), always willing to help with homework problems- whether it is his course or not. sarcastic in class- makes lecture somwhat enjoyable, best 8 am class i've ever had