RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Wayne Walter

8120023His tests are extermely easy he tells you exactly what is going to be on them those are easy to ace, but watch out for the projects. If you say your going to do something, you have to show him that and then some to get an A. if you only do what you say your gonna do you get a B or C on the project.
7820012Don't take a class from him unless you are prepared to spend an obscene amount of time on classwork. A real taskmaster, has unrealistic expectations about time spent on labs, projects, etc. Probably best as a grad school prof.
9120003Excellent professor for Robotics, an excellent class. Take if it you can, but be warned, its a lot of work.
8520003Dr. Walter is excellent teacher. He assigns probably way too much work. However, his lectures are very well organized, and he teaches everything you need to know. I would take him again.
9120002He's knows the meat and patatos of engineering