RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Yin Pan

7820023Took her for Intro to Database. She definitley knows the material, but speaks VERY quietly. Sit up front if you want to hear her. The biggest problem is the language barrier. She speaks pretty good english, but you do need to occasionaly think for a second about what she said. And she sometimes doesn't understand questions due to the language barrier. She is very nice and wants students to learn the material.
7520023course: 341. very quiet. Her grader graded to the 1/4 of a point on everything, so you'll never get a 100 on anything. Her exams are much harder than needed. Met her in her office and she said the class average for the 2nd exam was a 74%. She didn't know anything about wireless and asked the class if someone could explain it. She's good if you have questions about Nextel - the last company she worked for.